Thank you for coming to our exhibition in Hello Operator.

We’d love to hear your feedback or any thoughts or comments you may have about our project.

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Team DC

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20 responses to “Feedback

  1. Bernie Sutton

    Brilliant production, congrats to you all. All the hard work was obvious and really paid off.

    Very cleverly done – at first I was looking to see who was operating the mouse on the digital display! You expressed the ideas very well. I really enjoyed the experience and would love to see it again!

    Best of luck with the rest of the work and I hope you get the excellent result you all deserve.

  2. Alan Markey

    Well done on the exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed the both concept and the execution of this original idea. Best of luck.

  3. Kate Furlong

    Well done on very imagnative exhibition. Using the old and using new media to bring something new to it as fab.
    If imagination is key to Digital Media work then you lot are in for a long career….
    Congrats again…..

  4. Really enjoyed it guys. A huge congratulations to all involved on your excellent work!

    Great to see such a big turn out on Friday also.

    Well done!

  5. Ian Slattery

    Congratulations on a beautifully executed show.

    The space and the work complimented each other, and I found the use of the two mediums working simultaneously worked exceptionally well. It personally lead me to question the relationship between the nostalgia I felt while viewing the slides, and the amount of information offered within the animation.
    The benefits of modern data storage versus the imagination used in recalling them almost, obviously conveyed in the animating of the slides themselves, is powerful in it’s depiction of how many these days record visual experiences and how we treat our memories.

    Well that is what I got from the show and felt it was a brilliant success.

    Congrats again.

  6. Really enjoyed the installation. it was awesome. loved the sd and the humour. The animations were dope too. Impressive most impressive…

  7. Imaginative display of old and new. The rear-projected slides onto the opaque screen at an offset were a really important aspect of it seeming old beside new.

  8. Maeve Harrison

    I loved the concept of the installation, its was very imaginative and thought provoking.
    The quality of the slides and animations were also really impressive.

    Congrats on a great exhibition!

  9. Aoife Kennedy

    Great project. I thought it was a really interesting concept and very well put together. Well done!

  10. Eleanor Keegan

    This exhibition was remarkable. The ingenuity shown was evident from the old display to the new and even the finer details of how the still images were displayed as though floating from the wall. The space was perfect and the feedback entirely positive. You should all be thoroughly proud there was nothing lacking in its execution and it truly did justice to your original concept.

  11. Colm Bowden

    I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. It blended old and new in an original, imaginative way that engaged the viewer.
    I feel the exhibition was a great success and would love an opportunity to view it again.


  12. Denis Carty

    The exhibition moved me and I was saddened, amused and excited by the presentations. It also made me realise the power, flexibility and resourcefulness of Multimedia.

    Well Done All.

  13. Rita O'Neill

    Excellent project. The theme of linking static record and living memory complemented each other beautifully. I attended on the Friday evening and found the whole experience very moving. Well done Mark, Mark, Carmel, Sarah and Leah.

    I wish you all the best in the future.

  14. Rachel O'Neill

    I thought having the exhibition on a loop was a great idea as you saw something new every time you watched it.

  15. Josephine Finn

    I got the link to your website from a friend, I am sorry I missed the exhibition. I like your concept though as I am very interested in how we tell our life story from memory..images are triggers for memories however the view from the present to the past can be a bit chaotic. I think images provide us with a stable peg to hang our memories on, and to tell stories from… interesting work.


  16. Ciaran McDonald

    A thoughtful and enjoyable exhibition, executed with some great visual effects.! Well done!

  17. Aoife Fox

    The concept was really clever. I watched the reel 3 times and saw new connections every time between the digital projector and the digital carousel. The venue was also really charming and added to the experience! Good work guys! 🙂

  18. Ros Mac Cobb

    An unique interpretation of the subject matter, very thought provoking .Great setting and the time and effort put into the project was clearly evident.Good luck to you all in the future.

  19. Patrick Carthy

    Overall I thought it a wonderful piece of work.I do feel for people like me that a commentary would even make it more special.The handout was very helpful. It compared the human memory to the computer. We often remember the past as being better than it really was. There was a shot of a man in sunshine and then in pouring rain, which was very clever. Could this be a trick of memory i.e. a wet day that he remembered as been very sunny.

  20. Gerard O'Neill

    Well done. Great imagination put into designing and presenting the exhibition. I really enjoyed it.

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