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35mm Slides and Carousel Projectors

(Above) Slide Mount Apertures: The dimensions given may vary with different brands and types. A standard 35mm projector can accept any of these mounts.

(Above) Enemies of Transparencies.

(Above) Types of Projectors: There is the simple manual slide projector and the automatic stack-type projector. We are using a Carousel-type 80-slide tray projector. The model we are using is the Kodak Ektapro 5000 Slide Projector.

(Above) An 80-slide rotary slide tray (bottom view).

(Above) Examples of rear projection devices and set-ups.

(Above) Some considerations when setting up the projector and screen.

So Digital Carousel will be multi-image: using two or more projectors; multi-screen: working with more than one standard screen; and multi-media: an indefinite term referring to any audiovisual presentation using more than one medium.


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