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Educate Together: Art Day

Digital Carousel has been invited to take part of Art Day in a Glasnevin Educate Together School. It’s basically a sprawling creative space (both indoor and outdoor) with numerous disciplines and practices being taught and demonstrated to the students. For example, there’s drumming workshops and printmaking and metalwork/woodwork etc. Loads going on all at once, festival atmosphere.

It’s on from 9to2 on Thursday June 24th and it’s run by Deirdre O’Reily who Mark Carthy met through a different event at Draiocht. She’s really interested in having a “Digital Hub” at the event where kids learn about the possibilites of creativity and technology joing together. So she’s pretty much giving us free reign about what kind of content to teach/demonstrate.

We’ve decided that the format would be, each of the five of us at a computer, each demonstrating a different aspect of digital creative media. We would give a short introductory piece in each session also.

For example:
Computer 1: Make yourself an “Avatar” character – basic photoshop techniques.
Computer 2: Photoshop “Ping pong” – each child adds a graphic or text or anything they want to a photoshop document and passes it back and forth between themselves to end up with a collaborative piece.
Computer 3: Animation – Using Adobe Flash to show kids the basics of movement (as flash is quite complex this would probably consist of us doing the work whilst explaining what’s happening on screen)
Computer 4: Green Screen – Using Adobe After Effects and stock footage (which we will have) to showcase greenscreen techniques, simple but very effective!
Computer 5 – Photomerge – Take loads of photos of the room and turn it into a wide seamless panorama (children can appear multiple times in the scene).

All these techniques are relatively simple, they don’t take long and hopefully have a “wow!” factor!

Equipment Needed:
5/6 Computers
Digital Whiteboard (Not essential but would be nice to showcase work)
Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Adobe Flash CS4 / Adobe After Effects CS4 (All of which can be downloaded as a fully functioning 30 day trial from the Adobe website) These would all need to be preinstalled, how would that work? I can set this up the day before if needs be?
Webcam (maybe two)
Digital Camera (for photomerge)
Printer (again not essential but would be cool to give the kids a copy of their work to leave with)

So we would see ourselves running workshops maybe every 40/45 minutes or so and allowing a limited number of children in at a time. Maybe 2or3 max per computer. Then if they want to hop from computer to computer within their workshop that’s grand. Hopefully each participant would come away with a good idea of at least two digital “manipulation” techniques.

We’ll let you know how it goes!


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