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What came from the meeting:

Technique and technology are fine.

Substance and narrative are the challenges.

Linking individual slides – nostalgia: individual; cultural; temporal; spacial; objective – visual perception. Which one?

Animation: temporal – narrative – cinematic quality.

Avoid stereotypes.

Defend your interpretation and presentation.




The Paralex View

I think this link looks like what Will spoke about.


Memory and Matter by Henri Bergson (1896)

Not available in our library.

There is a synopsis of what he says about memory on


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Slide Projector:

We’ve got, not one, but two carousel projectors!

We didn’t expect it was going to be difficult getting our hands on them but we anticipated a bit of digging around and to part with some cash. Luckily we’ve had to do neither.

David O’Callaghan and the AV department in DCU both had Kodak Carousels gathering dust in their office. The one from AV has a remote control and a timer to change the slides and David gave us a manual one.

Having the variety and choice between both is quite nice to have!


The variety of the slides the five of us have is incredible!

For the sake of variety, Leah and  Carmel went into town to find slides in charity shops and old photography stores!

Mark, Sarah and Mark went to Dun Laoighre to get some of the slides scanned into digital format so we could see the quality and if it was possible to use it as raw material for the digital projections. The group were so surprised by the quality of the scan!

Next week we just have to narrow down which slides we are using! So many to choose from!

We didn’t expect to get such great quality materials week 1 so next week we hope it continues to go in our favour and that we’ll find a suitable digital projector and screens!

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Brainstorming Session

Very productive meeting. The tangible things we accomplished were our powerpoint for the board meeting done, reworked our budget and GANTT charts to suit this installation.

A lot of food for thought came from this meeting. We all discovered we were on the same wavelength for this project but we realise we need to reign it all into one theme.

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